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    Rogues Gambit
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    Older cars are better:

    *They didn’t have multiple personalities like a hollywood schizophrenic (Sport/Normal/Eco/Dynamic/WTF/etc.) for overall ride and/or steering
    *They were more raw and visceral
    *Nostalgia factor (Big one for me, got Cancer in my astrological chart)
    *Definitely more focused, and with the help of today’s features, can be beastly
    *Simpler, as in sure, you don’t get the fancy radios/HUDs/LED/etc., but less to break and easier to maintain and repair

    Be lying if I didn’t say I don’t have new car fever, I got an insatiable appetite for new cars and like to experience new things, but what really pushed me over the edge was when my artist mentioned he was watching this anime called Wangan Midnight:

    I mean, forget that it’s Anime, the cars were simpler in design, less computer interference so you can actually have a car rather than car driving you, no retarded start/stop, and less to distract you as you drive.

    Case in point are my two cars, the Audi might be slower and Manual than my Mustang, but then it’s a stick, doesn’t have fancy modes and since I removed my powersteering (Simply pulled a fuse, I can put it back it, 640), yeah it’s heavier, but also feels badass

    Now how to deal with this new car lust who else feels the same?


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    I still prefer old cars. If I wanted a restored 1966 Mustang V-8 coupe, I could probably find one for $15,000. That is much cheaper than a new Toyota Camry when all is said and done. And if you finance that new car, you will pay much more than the selling price in the end. New cars are not good investments.


    Rogues Gambit
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    Love my Audi, until I saw that bullshit commercial tonight. It’s not 100% Analog, but compared to my ‘Stang, kinda ancient and old school


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    For a lot of people the lure of older cars has something to do with memories of their own experiences. For others, it has to do with the style and simplicity of the mechanisms….

    I, like you, Mike enjoy new cars but I do have like the nostalgic (how could you not) feeling I get from older cars.

    There are certain trends in the new car industry I could live without like the CUV craze and/or whatever the BMW X6 (et al) type vehicles are referred to as. It does not mean I would not buy one (for practical purposes) but I would never want to buy one.


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    Old school muscle is the best hands down!


    Rogues Gambit
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    Forgot I made this post, I was just about to bring up the driving modes once again until I saw this

    How the hell has everyone been btw?

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