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    First off, this may come very easily to some. I had caught this Izzat on a show recently. It is a one of one concept that never quite made it to production. It is of American design and running gear. It was to be made in America as a reasonably low priced, but very competent sport coupe with a fairly new (for the time) layout. It would have been based off of an inexpensive, but very innovative, vehicle (which is one of the reasons for it NOT making it to production, by a well regarded race car driver and home garage engineer…. not only of cars, but of revolutionary safety devices.

    I think this car is stunning and worthy of posting here, even if it never got pulled at the 11th hour from being produced.

    So what kinda’ car Izzat?

    Sexy Sport Coupe

    Sexy Sport Coupe Backend


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    Chevrolet Corvair or as some call it, Fitch Phoenix.


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    Nice, KK.

    Did you see it profiled on “Chasing Classic Cars” as I did?

    What a shame it did not get to be produced. 171 hp out of that GM air cooled engine? What a blast it would have been to drive.

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