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    Original thread here!

    Well the new cat-back is in and I wrote this on MT (yay Copy and Paste).

    Alright so I have a confession to make, when I was putting in the cat-back in on Monday, I only got half of it done. I got the new muffler on and that’s it. It was a serious PITA!!!!!! And the worst part is, the exhaust exited right under the cab and there was SERIOUS DRONE. My dad thought it sounded cool, I just nodded my head and “agreed”. It sounded like a fart cannon, and on a truck that’s embarrassing at school. So I had to live with that for two whole days. So I realized I didn’t have any homework tonight (all elective classes WOOT WOOT) and immediately popped under DeLone. I started to get under there play around with the various extenders and adapters I had to buy (I’ll tell you more about this later). I got everything fitted up and everything when I realized something bad. Really bad. The new pipe and the shock were rubbing. So in came the fun part, SLEDGEHAMMER!!! A few good whacks of rage later I had a nice indentation exactly were the shock was rubbing (the pipe is 3/4″ bigger than stock, it needed less flow anyways) and viola! So once again I fit everything up and bounce the truck a little. *Scratch scratch scratch* the rear part of the leaf spring was rubbing. BANG BANG BANG!!! Not anymore! SO THEN I GET EVERYTHING IN PLACE…AGAIN. It all clears, but it’s too low. So I just skipped putting the tail pipe on, tightened everything up, used some liquidy-solid (like peanut butter) muffler paste thing just in case of any gaps, and called it a day.

    The end result, NO DRONE! It sounds FANTASTIC! It doesn’t sound too ricey, but it still has some growl to it. Really, under hard acceleration, it sounds like a very small V6. And accelerating normally off the line from a stop light is GREATLY improved. Ever since the big(ger) tires were put on I needed A LOT of clutch time to get thing moving, not anymore. Now I can pass a little traffic instead of struggling to keep up, and sound good doing it too.

    Vid coming over the weekend maybe?


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    Good deal, Thed! Way to use the tools at hand to make the right ‘adjustments’!! LOL

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