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    I hadn’t had the opportunity to watch “Jay Leno’s Garage” on CNBC and had only watched a little of the web show before.

    Just yesterday I turned on a “marathon” of the episodes on CNBC just as Jay was driving a Mk3 GT40 and then showing the last GT model AND then showing a preproduction new model! What a great way to get started watching the show.

    He never fails to entertain and is so knowledgeable that the show is a ‘must watch’ for any car lover, in my opinion.

    What say you guys? Have you watched?

    “For more than two decades, Jay Leno drove a different car to work. That job, hosting NBC’s venerable “Tonight Show” in Burbank not far from his expansive Big Dog Garage, paid him more than enough to keep him in exotic sheetmetal. But where for many celebrities collecting cars is a mere scorecard of showbiz success, for Leno—whose pre-fame gigs included wrenching at a Boston-area garage—it’s the grounding end to his famous means.

    “Look, I love this,” says Leno, 65, sitting at a messy desk inside one of three airplane hangars that house his dazzling assortment of some 140 cars and nearly 120 motorcycles, from turn of the 20th-century steam vehicles to the latest in exotic rockets. More museum than storage facility, cars are organized by make or nationality, often with accompanying advertisements and other related paraphernalia. (In one nook, there’s a movie-screen sized poster for a post-war Buick Roadmaster looming over an actual Buick Roadmaster.)”

    Link to Yahoo Auto Article


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    I’ve had my DVR catching those for a while now.  Leno rocks.    :sunglasses:


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    I must admit, I keep forgetting just how entertaining Leno can be.

    You can’t deny his love and knowledge of all things cars, either.

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