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    The ‘Burg
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    Hey Everyone!

    The Burg is still alive and kicking, I’ve just been off the grid for a while.  Much has changed in ‘Burg’s World.

    The big news is that I left the Nissan dealership after 3 1/2 years.  I made a very nice living but the place was pretty much imploding.  It blows me away how the new car retail business cannot help but do everything possible to ruin itself.  You get a good professional crew in place and then somebody has to come along and upset the apple cart.  For the most part, I was immune to the insanity because I ran the Commercial Vehicles dept and pretty much wrote my own ticket, but still, I was coming home stressed out every night and getting sick and tired of the constant bullzhit over the dumbest things.

    So imagine my surprise when I received a recruiting call from a company called Auto Lenders.  The company specializes in one-owner, low-mileage off-lease vehicles and has been in business for over 30 years.  They own their own 3rd-party leasing company and market their services to new-car dealerships so in a sense, we know which cars we will be getting back 2-3 years from now.  It’s privately owned and perhaps the toughest auto dealership to get a job at.  New prospects will go through at least 5 separate interviews with various company officers, including the owners, before being approved.

    Without dragging this out too long, I can tell you that Auto Lenders has eliminated everything that car salespeople hate about the business.  They’ve also eliminated everything customers hate about it too.  It’s the most relaxed, no-pressure environment I’ve ever been in – on both sides – and the company pays very well.  I was hired to open a brand-new facility in Princeton and the place is absolutely gorgeous!  We have a 30,000 square-foot showroom with over 40 cars on the floor, about a 450-car inventory, and only 7 salespeople.  You do the math…

    Customer satisfaction and reviews on Google, Yelp, etc, are off the charts.  Usually, once somebody buys a car from us they will never buy anywhere else.  They leave here having genuinely enjoyed the whole buying process and in the end, that’s what everybody wants.

    On the personal side, everything is great with the family.  Mother-In-Law moved in with us last year and she is a daily blessing.  My son is doing great, he’s gotten into pro-scooters (or maybe you call it kick-scooters) but either way, I’ve immersed myself in the sport and am learning everything possible.  He’s got a custom setup that cost about $300, along with a bunch of spare parts, and he gets private lessons and group lessons.  We ride at the largest indoor skatepark in the Northeast (I’m told there’s another one in New Hampshire) and his goal is to get good enough that he will get sponsorship from a manufacturer.  I can only hope!

    Still driving the 2015 Altima.  I’ve had her for 7 1/2 months and already have 18,000 miles on her.  Thank God I didn’t lease her!

    Check out the autolenders website (www.autolenders.com).  When you see the photo of the Princeton showroom – I took that pic with my cellphone on Dec 31.  It was my gift to the company.



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    Welcome back! It’s good to see your doing well, Burg.


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    Welcome back.

    Are they hiring in the bay area? :sunglasses:


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    Glad to have you back.


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    The ‘Burg
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    Hey KamikazeKid!  Unfortunately we are not hiring in the Bay Area.  We have 6 locations, all in New Jersey.  So a slight relocation would be in order.

    But you would certainly be welcome.  The company prefers to hire people from outside the car business, so they don’t bring any bad habits with them.  I had a 2 1/2 hour meeting with the owners and they told me that under normal circumstances they wouldn’t hire someone with my background, but I’m such a car nut and people person that they would put aside their concerns.

    It is truly the nicest and easiest, most enjoyable dealership organization to work for.  Right now in our showroom we are listening to Steve Winward on our Sonus sound system.  There’s no traffic now – it’s raining pretty hard – and nobody beats you up over it.  Such a great place to work!


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    Good to hear all the news, Burg.

    I wish I was still in NJ. I might take you up on any offer that might be available. LOL


    The ‘Burg
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    We can crank up the CD player while we cruise around the lot.


    Rogues Gambit
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    Hey Sensei, how ya doin’


    Lemme know when you’re free to hang, wanna show ya Gia. Congrats on the positives btw, and on an infomercial front, should get a K&N Drop in filter, installed two lately; one for my cousins 328xi GT and one tonight in my sisters Optima turbo


    Checking the Princeton dealer atm, talk to ya soon


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    Listening to Steve Winward. Never heard of him but know of Steve Winwood. :scream: That would be reason enough for me to want a job there, but glad everything is going well for you ‘burg. Sounds like the job of a lifetime. Less stress is important. I am still looking for that kind of job but my time is running out. Most employers don’t like hiring  old farts like me.

    Glad to hear the Altima is running well. Wow you are racking up the miles on her, but know how that goes. My 2015 Trailhawk is less than a year old and I have almost 20,000 miles on her. But hey, they seem hold up better that way. When I traded the Dart off, she was exactly two-years old and already had over 40,000 miles the odometer and she ran like a champ. I miss her.

    Cheers ‘burg!



    The ‘Burg
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    “Steve Winward”??  Fail.  Shit…

    We’re blasting The Beatles today.  Earlier we were playing loud screechy techno music, the kind of stuff they play at the indoor skatepark that my son rides at.  Personally I like it when we play 80’s Hair Bands or maybe Ozzy’s Boneyard.

    Congrats on the Trailhawk.  Those things are pretty cool.  We’ve had a couple come through here.  I have a 2015 Cherokee Limited 3.2 on the showroom floor now.  Very nice!




    The ‘Burg
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    Another update on El Burgarino:

    Still at Auto Lenders, and still loving it. My son is still into the pro-scooter gig big-time and he’s now got a $600 setup. I can’t help myself, I want him to have the best equipment. We spent 4 days in New Hampshire at the Rye Airfield, it’s the largest indoor skatepark in the Northeast. I figure it’s over 50,000 square feet and it absolutely blows our home park away.

    Altima has now been with me for 16 months and now has 42,000 miles on it. Only thing I’ve put into it is gas and oil, two air filters and one set of wiper blades. Still on the OEM brakes and tires and my service dept says I don’t need to be concerned with either item just yet. I average about 75-80 mph on my work commute (96 miles a day) and I’m still pulling 32 mpg. To say I love this car is an understatement.

    The ex and I have determined that our son is old enough to understand and deal with divorced parents, so we are ending our roommate agreement. I’m moving into my new place on Dec 1. S’all good.

    Happy Turkey Day!


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    42 miles. That’s a lot of miles for just 16 months. Glad to hear it’s still running well for you.

    Not to get too personal but how old is your son, If I may ask?


    The ‘Burg
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    Hey KK, sorry it took so long to respond. I log into this pathetic website and as soon as i click into this thread, it logs me out. They definitely bought the site backbone during a going-out-of-business sale.

    Anyway, Chris is 8 and he’s excited about this new chapter in his life, because now he has 2 homes. Everything in his room will be brand new, and he’s thrilled that he has his own private bathroom & shower. It’s going to be a cool bachelor pad :laugh:

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