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    Rogues Gambit
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    Current list of mods:


    CFM Baffled Billet Valve Cover Breather Kit (Installed)

    UPR Dual Valve Oil Catch Can

    FFTec Charge Pipes

    Synapse DV

    Steeda Throttle Body Spacer

    NGK 6510

    Steeda Urethane Adjustable Differential Bushing Insert System

    FFTec Street Intercooler (On back order, should ship by beginning of November)


    (Lost to a Camaro SS by less than a second while totally stock)

    My drag racing thread


    So, I’m a little overdue for the review, since I’ve had her for a month and a week (9/15/15), not to mention nearly put 3,000 miles on her already (I work in NY, basically all over, hence the automatic for the lovely traffic)


    What do I think? I Love her, she’s my favorite car so far out of them all and everyone whose been in her or has been able to take a spin in her (Passenger or driver) loves her as well.


    Objectively, she’s not flawless, the hood does flutter a bit at high speeds (While cruisin’ in Mettyco past 100), their’s wheel hop (Why my best 0-60 is 6.3), cowl quivers (bringing her in on Tuesday to get that fixed) and I basically don’t break over 20mpg (since I always drive in S and keep the top down) and the Pirelli’s aren’t the most inspiring tires in the rain (gets slippery from a stop, but they’re solid once you’re moving)

    I mention all this because they’re all fixable issues. That’s the beauty of a Mustang, they’re designed to be modified and as you can see, already working on some stuff (First the initial weak point, the intercooler), then going with some steeda bits to address the wheel hop and of course, being a Mustang, I’d replace the tires/rims and hood (Stock PP Wheels/Tire are 60lbs basically… Definitely shaving that off while possibly going wider and possibly bigger)

    As I stated above, bringing her in on Tuesday to get the loose part of the latch fixed, so what else is there to fault? Only minor annoyances I can’t find an easy fix to is the interior button lighting doesn’t seem to be affected by the MyColor system, the rear seats don’t seem to fold and in a more general Ford issue, the fuel tank seems too small (Although it’s all good)

    Honestly, I can’t truly fault the car, she’s not flawless but she’s got a ton of potential, yet even stock she’s incredible!


    I’m in love with Gia, what can I say… I’m rusty with reviews and it’s all good. I drive her like she’s meant to be driven and the IRS is very confidence inspiring (Look at the Accelermeter), plus if I didn’t have the tuner mindset, I would honestly leave her alone since she’s more than enough.


    Nothing makes things better though when you manage to put the top down and just listen to the music while cruising down the road, and when you want to, she can fly!


    Besides that, definitely get LOTS of compliments, one being from an older gentleman with an ’06 GT who was just in awe of the car. His was supercharged putting down around 450whp I think he said, and the best time he could manage was 14 flat, while his son in law got 13.


    If it wasn’t so late, I could write this better… oh well, for now, I give her a very solid A, maybe she’ll go up once I tune her and fix the weak links, but for now, A


    Have a good night everyone!


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    I’m just jealous. Congrats bro.


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    Mike, you finally got yourself a Mustang!!!!

    Congratulations to your initiation to the fraternity. Yes, I know I have only owned one for a very short time and that was long ago, but I still count myself in the club!

    A truly stunning car, and I am glad you find yourself loving it as much as you do.

    And (whether knowingly or not) you have hit the nail on the head as to one of the reasons that makes the Mustang the outright success it has been for 50 years going. The fact is is that from 1964(1/2) on, there has rarely been a car that has worn it’s inherent goodness and not so goodness so well, and afforded it’s owners the opportunity to ‘improve’ the car as they see fit.

    I do not have to downgrade any other vehicle (whether in the Mustangs class or not) by saying that that is what Ford has always allowed from the get-go.

    So, enjoy it my boy. And get your ass up here to Scranton some time and give your old friend lengnert a ride some time. I have had to postpone my own new Mustang purchase for some other more important monetary expenses…..

    P.S. Did The ‘Burg help you out and/or at the very least have you driven out to see him in it?
    And “Gia”? I like the name, but a little reminiscent of the Mustang Ghia (intentional?).

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    Congrats, Mike.  😎


    Rogues Gambit
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    Thanks guys, and I’ll visit Scranton soon to show it off Lengnert


    I told Nerb about it today actually, and I plan on showing him her in person.


    As for the name, Gia is actually a character from a story I’ve been working on since last July, almost done actually, she’s the Assassin:



    (Not hard to figure that one out, It’s also my pic enlarged. Guy with her is Leon, main character from my story)


    I’ll definitely have her tuned by November, and hopefully dyno’d to boot 🙂


    Any questions, comments or requests, lemme know


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    Black on black, me likey.

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    Rogues Gambit
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    Black on black, me likey.


    Actually Black on Saddle



    Unless you’re talking the paint and wheels :laugh:


    I might stop by JDM tomorrow, figure out how much the hourly rates are, and then how much a Dyno session is, since I wanna see what my car generates 🙂


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    Sweet ride.


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    Black on black, me likey.

    Actually Black on Saddle

    Unless you’re talking the paint and wheels

    I might stop by JDM tomorrow, figure out how much the hourly rates are, and then how much a Dyno session is, since I wanna see what my car generates

    I was referring to the paint and wheels bruh.


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    Any updates?


    Rogues Gambit
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    Actually yes, a lot:


    From the tuner’s FB page

    Installed: CFM Baffled Billet Valve Cover Breather Kit, MMR CAI, UPR Dual Valve Oil Catch Can, FFTec Charge Pipes, Synapse DV, Steeda Throttle Body Spacer, NGK 6510, FFTec Street IC, Steeda Strut Tower Brace, Steeda HD Motor Mounts, Steeda Auto Pedals, Boomba Intake Manifold Spacer, Conti ExtremeContact DWS 06, Cobb V3, Krona Downpipe with Cat.</span>


    She’s a totally new animal, Day and night difference. The Conti’s are amazing for starters, they grip when there’s snow and some ice where my old suckadickrelli’s would of been slippin’ and sliding all over the place and my times dropped significantly, though I gotta upload those pictures (Another time)


    Currently gotta sort out the suspension, and trying to find some GT PP 6 piston Brembo’s for the front (And possible 4 pistons for the rear) to really make her beastly, but she will be first and foremost a DD that will eventually travel cross county, although totally badass
    What breaks my Cold, Dead heart (Bonus if you know where that quotes from) is I got Diode Dynamics Turn signal LED’s, 4th brake light/LED Reverse light and the turn signal lights (Where it does the 1-2-3 when you stop now, hazard and lock/unlock the car), relatively easy mods to do, and yet none of the S550’s I see have them, it’s relatively inexpensive compared to other mods and yet a day and night difference


    More info and pics to come, just took my girl in for an oil change and they didn’t say anything negative about the car being tuned since I told them ahead of time and that I uninstalled the tune, though I did point out that caused a CEL since the factory ECU was overwhelmed by the new parts

    Enjoy 🙂

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    Thanks for the updates, Mike.

    I see the dyno screen but can’t make out a lot of the info.

    What kind of power increase are you getting?

    Any reduction in driveability etc.?


    Rogues Gambit
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    My bad my bad, been kinda busy and it wouldn’t let me log in on my phone the last time I tried

    She’s solid as hell and a beast, suspension is done and all that’s left is the catback part of the exhaust, wastegate actuator and a few others mods.

    Took these tuesday:

    Yeah, she’s a beast, though rear tires are at half life since they’ve been installed

    Only annoying thing is obviously metal on metal parts and polyurethane cause an occasional squeak and I need fresh shoes for her, otherwise nothing different though I gotta have the tuner fix the rev hang between the 2nd to 3rd shift xD

    What’s been installed is…

    Steeda: IRS Subframe bushings
    Rear Lower Control Arm
    Billet Vertical links
    Rear Diff Bushings
    Progressive Sport Springs
    Sway Bars and End Links (F/R for both)
    Bumper Steer Kit
    Stainless Steel Brake Links

    Koni Adjustable Shocks (F/R)
    DBA 4000 XS Cross Drilled and Slotted Rotors (F/R)
    Hawk Pads
    Stock Calipers painted Red

    Mishimoto: Coolant Expansion Tank
    Radiator Silicone hoses
    Oil Cooler

    RTR Lights
    American Muscle tint


    Rogues Gambit
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    Should also note, the hood really does make a difference, Oil temp doesn’t rise as fast and cools a lot quicker


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    Sinister looking Mustang brah! :sunglasses:

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