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    Going green just became more comfortable than ever – the 2016 Toyota Prius Four is here. Toyota Prius brand has been synonymous with fuel efficiency all these years; the Prius Four takes things a step further, delivering a sophisticated ride, and quiet powertrain, enhancing your on-road experience, and so on. Here’s more on it….

    The front end of the 2016 Toyota Prius Four has a unique appearance that makes the vehicle instantly recognizable. The low, sleek nose, the swooping accent lines on both sides of the vehicle – these are standard for the Prius. However, the rear doors are where things start to get exciting. The solid, black roof pillar imparts a distinct look to the Prius, as do the two tails resembling commas flanking the rear hatch corners. Drivers won’t fail to turn heads on the road with the vivid Hypersonic Red color.

    Full article at link.

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    Photo Credit: Toyota

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