Honda Accord unseats Toyota Prius as California’s top-selling vehicle

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    2013 Honda Accord EX-L V-6 Sedan

    The Honda Accord family sedan narrowly toppled Toyota’s Prius hybrid from its perch as the bestselling vehicle in California last year.

    Honda sold 71,578 Accords in the state last year, compared with sales of 71,210 for the Prius, according to IHS Automotive, an industry research firm that tallies vehicle registrations.

    Full article at link.

    LA Times
    Photo Credit: Honda


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    While I prefer an Accord over a Prius any day of the week, I am glad I don’t live in California. You couldn’t give me a Honda or Toyota. I don’t trust either company as far as I could throw them.


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    It interesting to see the Accord outsell the Prius, especially in California…. I mean as interesting as it can be.

    The Prius (as are all the EV, hybrid etc.) represents so well the idea that image is so much more important to the “Eco-Friendly” set over substance.

    If you buy a Prius, Fusion hybrid, Volt, Tesla etc. because you think somehow that you are saving the world, you are a fool (or more succinctly put, what the quintessential Californian would seem to be). I know I am generalizing, but hey I am allowed to do that.

    My best friend lives in Cali, and I know we have members there, soooo my humblest of apologies if you feel like I am speaking about you specifically… I am (probably) not.

    G8Mike has the rigth perspective, I believe. He buys the Volt because it fits his buying criteria from a pragmatic viewpoint (tell me if I am wrong, Mike).

    So why is it surprising that the Accord has eked out a sales win over the Prius? Because it gives me an smidge of hope that the eco-idiots may not have as strong a hold there as I might have thought.

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