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    Chop This Car Rules: Everything you need to know.
    What is CTC?

    Chop This Car is a monthly Photoshop competition open to all members. Submit your art for a chance to win automotive-themed prizes.


    Every month, the Art Contest Official will post a car in a new thread. You can alter the image digitally using Photoshop or silimilar image-editing software. You can change anything you like about the car, from small mods to making it look like a completely different car.

    Rules for competition:

    • Please read our ‘Terms of Service’ before submitting an entry.

    • Don’t steal parts from others work.

    • One entry per person.

    • Don’t vote for yourself, that gets you disqualified.


    After the contest has been up for a month (more or less), voting will be set-up, and you can vote for your favorite. Anyone can vote, even if you have never competed in CTC before. Voting lasts for 1 month as well.

    Feel free to post any questions in this thread.

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