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    Some of you will remember my sister was searching for a new car for herself.  The last time I mentioned it she was really considering a hybrid and Lexus was topping the list, followed by the Lincoln MKZ after I talked her into checking them out.  The drawback was no folding rear seats because of the battery pack hybrids have in the truck.  Since that was a major (for her) concern hybrids went by the wayside.  Another factor was bad weather handling since she often has to make trips on winding snowy roads in the winter.  Long story short, there is now a 2015 Subaru Legacy with every option available in her driveway.  I don’t have a lot of seat time in it but I have taken it out.  It really is a nice car.  My only hangup is the CVT.  What’s a little bizarre to me is there are paddle sifters on a CVT, but as I understand it Subaru added artificial shift points because of complaints about the constant drone.  I suppose if I spent more with the CVT  it would grow on me but for now I’m not a fan.  Aside from that the car is very nice to sit in and drive.  One thing I was surprised about was the room inside the car.  Even back seat passengers are well taken care of with plenty of legroom.  I can’t speak of the performance because it only had 27 miles on it when I took it for a drive and respected my sisters wishes to “be nice” to it.  However it has the 2.5 in it and what little I did give it leads me to believe it’s not heavy on performance but would definitely get you o the freeway with no drama.  So perfect for her since the car will get good gas mileage with the engine transmission combo, and still has a bit of spirit.  It was confident in corners (to the extent I could push her now baby) and will make a great car for her on the snow, ice, and twisty mountain roads she has to pass in the winter.  Overall I think she made a really good choice.


    On a side note, My sisters new ride has my wife bitten by the new car bug again  :brickwall:  :brickwall:  :brickwall: .  Something roomy with third row seating is on her wishlist.  She is all over the web looking at Q7’s.  AAARRGG…

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    Congrats on the new Subaru Scout. I know your sister will love it and get your wife that new car. I understand about being bitten by the new car bug. I have been eyeing a new B5 blue 2015 Charger at a dealership in Albuquerque. Decisions, decisions! :laugh:


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    I like the Subies, so Congrats to your sister.  My girlfriends mother has a Forester and I have enjoyed it quite a bit when I have had the chance to drive it.  In a car like the Forester, the CVT is a terrific transmission choice.  The ergonomics, from the lousy infotainment interface, the lack of intuitiveness of some of the switch gear and the front seats (maybe more so because I am not a small individual) are the only letdowns for me in the car.  Otherwise it is a great little wagon/SUV/AWD thingamajig.


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    While the choice is questionable, at least it ain’t a hybrid :laugh:  Congrats on her new ride


    As far as Q7’s, either way, you can tune it 🙂

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